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Western Sydney Closed Landfill

November 23, 2018

Risk Assessment and Continuous Monitoring


A large closed landfill was at the centre of an area earmarked for redevelopment in Western Sydney. In order to provide a level of understanding of risk to potential developers, the risk was quantified through a landfill gas risk assessment (LFGRA).


The assessment involved installing a number of LFG monitoring bores around the entire landfill, as well as a background bore to provide a regional baseline. Monitoring was undertaken over regular time periods as well as during falling barometric events in order to obtain relevant data. Continuous monitors were also installed so that data was collected at a very high frequency, logged at 24-minute intervals to generate a comprehensive data set. This approach allowed the overall monitoring duration for the project to be shortened from 12 months to 12 weeks.


A number of other investigative techniques were used such as nitrogen injection trials, trace gas analysis, groundwater assessment and analysis and background investigation, all in order to develop a conceptual site model (CSM) and a thorough understanding of the risks.