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The Biogas Systems team is comprised of some the most experienced practitioners in the industry. This experience is coupled with an innovative and dynamic business culture that is great to be part of. Meet the team.




Ben Dearman

Ben Dearman

Managing Director


Ben has extensive biogas experience and more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of LFG management, contaminated site remediation, hazardous waste treatment, organic waste management, waste auditing, dredging, civil contracting, wastewater treatment and environmental management. Ben has authored 13 internationally peer reviewed journal articles, authored numerous industry reports, involved in three successful patent applications, two with CSIRO, and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops.


Ben’s PhD in anaerobic digestion and composting coupled with real world experience allows him to understand the key technical and commercial issues associated with LFG utilisation and the wider waste management and energy issues. Ben has an extensive commercial and corporate management background with experience including joint ventures, share buy outs, capital raising, business sales, business planning, staff and financial management as well as other general business-related activities.


Ben Dearman

Steve Willacy

Engineering Director


Steve is one of the most experienced landfill gas practitioners not only in Australia, but internationally, with over 30 years’ experience. Steve heads up the electrical and mechanical systems part of the business, responsible for the full range of applications, from system upgrades to complete manufacture and commissioning. By undertaking the manufacture of equipment, ourselves, this provides us with great control and a very high level of quality for our clients.


His experience completes the approach the team undertakes in order to deliver successful projects to ensure that all equipment is well supported in all facets of gas collection system (GCS), leachate treatment, monitoring, flaring and power generation systems.


Ben Dearman

Aidan Marsh

Technical Manager


Aidan is a specialist LFG practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He has extensive experience in LFG collection systems design, installation, operational management and aftercare from more than 100 sites in Australia, USA, UK and Europe.
In Europe, Aidan worked in an established LFG industry so he has very specific and unique experience to bring to the Australian landfill industry. Aidan’s experience has helped him attain expertise in landfill environmental control systems, specifically LFG with comprehensive experience of all elements of LFG management and control including power generation systems and migration control systems.


Aidan also has hands-on experience in project management and supervision, construction management, health and safety, management of construction sites, environmental monitoring, compliance, reporting systems, liaising with third parties, clients and regulators.
Aidan was instrumental in the success of the Garden Island LFG Remediation project by being the first in Australia to bring in the innovative ‘impact well’ system and coupling it with a Lo-Cal HT flare. His ability to design LFG extraction systems coupled with real hands on experience allows the team to deliver outcomes that benefit all stakeholders.


Ben Dearman

Jon Varcoe

Senior Environmental Scientist


Jon has more than 20 years’ working across a broad spectrum of environmental, energy and waste industries. His relevant landfill gas experience includes seven years in senior technical and strategic management roles with one of Australia's most prominent landfill gas (LFG) specialists, overseeing gas system operation, compliance and risk management for more than 40 projects across Australia. Jon has a PhD in related fields, and presented and authored numerous papers in the waste management sector.


This experience combined with 10 years of contaminated land consulting experience provides Jon with specialist expertise in landfill operations and environmental management, in particular waste management regulations, landfill gas and leachate. Jon has direct experience in project registration through national energy markets (AEMO), renewable energy certification (REC), and carbon abatement and trading schemes (GGAS, NGERS, CFI and ERF) and provided consultancy services in projects reviewing economic feasibility of gas control options, including carbon and energy market opportunity evaluation.


Ben Dearman

Luke Silvester

Environmental Scientist


Luke Silvester has more than 6 years’ working in the environmental industry. His relevant landfill gas experience includes, monitoring and infrastructure installation at a number of sites across Australia. This experience combined with years of contaminated land consulting experience provides Luke with specialist expertise in landfill operations and environmental management, waste management regulations.


Luke provides a great hands on role for the company in both monitoring and contracting works, playing a lead role in numerous projects to date. A unique skill of combining technical understanding with hands on practicality provides Biogas Systems with the exact skill set required to enable the company to deliver for our clients.


Ben Dearman

Sam Willacy

Environmental Engineer


Sam is one of Biogas Systems most experienced field technicians with over eight years of hands on time with LFG projects. Sam can undertake fast and efficient operations and management of GCS, flare systems and continuous monitoring units. Sam has worked on numerous sites and has expertise in GCS balancing and servicing of LFG flares, installation and commissioning, emissions monitoring and reporting.


Proficient with several engineering programs including Solidworks, Ansys and Matlab as well as core packages such as MS Excel, in-depth experience with Python and Java programming languages. Strong skills in Microsoft Excel, experienced with high levels functions such as pivot tables and VBA macros, Sam is instrumental in processing and carrying out numerical analysis of the large amount of data collected across a number of projects.