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Biogas Systems Australia

Servicing and Maintenance




Our field technicians are trained to service and maintain a range of equipment used in numerous applications. These include flares, blower systems, leachate treatment systems, monitoring equipment, pumps, loggers and nearly everything associated with landfill and anaerobic digester applications. We ensure all our field technicians have undergone specific training for the complete equipment range encountered, with both in-house and external training being provided.


Gas Collection System (GCS) maintenance and operation can have different objectives including power generation, compliance to Site licences and migration control. To achieve these objectives Landfill Gas (LFG) concentration, composition and other parameters such as vacuum, flow and LFG temperature are monitored and recorded on a regular basis. Methane, carbon dioxide, balance gas (residual nitrogen content), carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide are routinely measured, as well atmospheric and general site conditions.


Biogas Systems’ experienced personnel inspect, service and maintain gas extraction wells, associated pipework, flares, power generators, leachate treatment systems and other landfill systems, which are carried out in accordance with the maintenance requirements. This is carried out to maximise electrical output from the site or control migration under changing conditions as efficiently as possible.


Routine inspections ensure the continuing integrity of GCS, the landfill eco system as resource and any faults encountered are repaired, and/or components are replaced as necessary. Records of inspections and maintenance are kept on our server and backed up with our supported IT system.