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Monitoring is an important part of landfill and ground gas management. All our personnel are experienced and trained to undertake monitoring across a range of applications including the following:

  • LFG perimeter monitoring bores
  • LFG extraction well monitoring and balancing
  • Landfill surface emission monitoring
  • Gas collection system (GCS) optimisation
  • Building gas monitoring
  • Service pit gas monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring

Regarding landfill applications we carry a range of equipment that all our personnel are training in operating, including the following:

  • GEM 5000 LFG analysers
  • GA 5000 LFG analysers
  • Eagle 2 RKI
  • Mini- Rae PID in parts per million and billion detection
  • MX-6 Hybrid PID
  • GasfluxTM  in-situ continuous gas analysers
  • Portable laser gas analyser with built-in GPS
  • Digital manometers
  • Digital and logging anemometers for gas and wind speed
  • Pressure loggers
  • FLIR camera surveys for underground hot spot detection
  • Temperature probes and loggers for gas pipes and wells
  • Temperature loggers for in-situ waste for underground hot spot monitoring
  • Temperature and level probes for leachate and groundwater wells
  • Dip meters (both specialist leachate and groundwater)
  • Bailers
  • Water level loggers
  • Remote weather stations
  • Dust track 8530 dust and aerosol monitor/loggers
  • Noise meters/loggers
  • Lysimeter and related scientific instrumentation design and construction for landfill cap testing
  • Low flow ground water sampling equipment
  • Niton XRF real time metals analyser
  • Immunoassay tests for contamination in water.

Biogas Systems personnel have been trained in the use of all required equipment. This includes ensuring equipment is within the manufacturer’s calibration time frame and bump testing on known concentration gas appropriate for the ranges expected at site. Records are held for inspection and inclusion into documentation required as part of project requirements.


Regarding continuous monitoring, our flare systems, including several our mobile elevated flares, have telemetry systems installed so that data can be accessed from where there is phone reception.


Biogas Systems are distributors for the Ambisense GasfluxTM  continuous monitors that have a wide range of applications, such as LFG and ground gas assessment. The analysers are configured to measure well flow that is required to estimate ground gas risk in Australia. The units also have the unique capacity to measure the elevation at which gas is moving into the well. These continuous monitors can be deployed anywhere within Australia and provide data via a telemetry system that is powered by a dual battery and solar panel. The solar power enables the instrument to operate for many months at a time without intervention from the operator. All our personnel are trained in the servicing and management of these continuous monitoring systems.