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Biogas Systems Australia


Marlinstown Landfill

October 29, 2018

Leachate Extraction and Pumping System


Issues with leachate had plagued the landfill site for sometime, so a leachate extraction and pumping system was designed and installed to overcome these problems. The project required the design of a leachate collection system to connect to 4 off 2 m diameter concrete leachate towers and 12 combined gas and leachate wells, including calculations for air and leachate flow and pressure drop.


The design called for the installation of a 90, 63 and 32mm leachate collection pipework system as well as the installation of a 63 and 32mm air distribution pipework system across the site. This was connected to combined gas and leachate wellheads and galvanized steel access chambers which housed 12 off AP3 top loading pneumatic leachate pumps as well as 4 off AP4 top loading leachate pneumatic leachate pumps. All pumps had flow counters and regulators, air flow lines with control valves, leachate control lines including shut off valves and non-return valves.


For the system to operate a 75 SCFM rotary vane compressor, 250 L receiver and air dryer was also installed within an enclosure. The entire system was connected to a SCADA system, with a digital flow meter installed on the outlet to the leachate lagoon, also connected to the SCADA. A level transmitter was fitted to the lagoon to detect freeboard, high and low levels and shut down the system on alarm levels. The entire system was linked via telemetry system with remote monitoring and interrogation, data logging, and remote start / stop, accessed both on site and at the UK based office.