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Biogas Systems Australia

Leachate Treatment




Management of leachate is critical in landfill applications, not only from an environmental compliance aspect, but also failure to deliver appropriate leachate management impacts on gas collection and control. We supply a range of landfill leachate treatment systems depending on specific requirements. 


The use of LFG is a very cost effective way in which to manage leachate on landfill sites, as it can be viewed as a ‘cheap’ fuel. The use of thermal evaporation systems are easily integrated into our gas extraction systems, and provide a relatively cost effective manner in which to manage landfill leachate, whilst maintaining a high level of control. These systems are also modular, and so can vary in size and production rates as leachate volumes change over time in a dynamic landfill setting. Therefore, they are at the forefront of our equipment offering. 


Our systems are tailored based on characterisation of the landfill leachate, volume, site specifications and regulatory compliance. Our systems can be manufactured as both portable and modular systems, or as large permanent systems. Other systems use components typical of the treatment process, usually including one or a combination of the following:

  • Sequential Batch Reactors
  • Aeration systems
  • Methane stripping systems
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Nano filtration
  • Chemical dosing