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Biogas Systems Australia


IWS Dublin Balefill

October 29, 2018

3,000 m3/hr Dual Chimney HT Flare Supply


Biogas Systems were engaged to design a flexible and dynamic flare system that was able to combust LFG to meet Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) requirements, but also to direct LFG to other applications such as heat recovery, power generation and other identified opportunities. A dual chimney system was designed with multiple take-off points in order to provide maximum flexibility.


The two chimneys each of 1,000 m3/hr and 2,000 m3/hr capacity provided the baseline use of the LFG in generating carbon credits, connected to a 3,000 m3/hr blower system. With a turn down ratio of 5:1 for each chimney, there was a great deal of flexibility to allow LFG to be utilised in other applications by using the same blower and control system. Commissioning of the system occurred over a 4-day intensive program, with no delays caused in extracting LFG from the gas field.