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Biogas Systems Australia

Standard High Temperature Flare Range




Our high temperature (HT) flare range provides an ideal solution to meet the increasing regulation in regards to emissions from landfill and anaerobic digester gas flares. Control of the combustion gasses is critical to a successful application of this approach to meet emission standards.


Biogas Systems’ high temperature systems excel in achieving the correct mix of fuel gas and combustion air within the combustion zone.


Our high temperature flare systems includes the following range and specification:

  • Automatic flame temperature control.
  • Non-visible, partially pre-aerated, turbulent diffusion flame combustion.
  • 1000°C minimum design temperature.
  • A range of optional instrumentation including flow rate, inlet gas and emissions analysis.
  • Remote access and control, data-logging, and SMS text options.
  • High reliability landfill gas pilot.
  • Flow rates range from 250-10,000 m3 /hour.
  • Controls heat loss to the environment.
  • Fully enclosed and burn with no visible flame.
  • Can be designed as a natural or forced draught system.