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Biogas Systems Australia


Highbury Landill

October 29, 2018

Lo-Cal Flare Supply and Migration Control


Due to decreasing gas volume and quality on a former EDL landfill power generation site, an innovative flaring system was required to continue long term migration control of LFG. The project involved controlling the LFG from two landfill sites, adjacent each other but linked by a common gas collection system, as the power station was decommissioned. Houses were present adjacent to the site boundaries, with a history of off-site LFG migration due to the sandy geology of the area.


Biogas Systems provided a temporary elevated flare whilst the power generator was decommissioned to ensure gas extraction occurred on a 24/7 basis. The gas collection system (GCS) was balanced to provide data for the design and commissioning of a permanent flare for the site. The temporary elevated flare operated for approximately six months whilst the permanent flare provided by Biogas Systems Australia was commissioned.


The aging GCS infrastructure and geology of the site created a number of issues in terms of maintaining 24/7 operation of the flare, and was a major consideration in the design of the permanent system. Continual remedial works were undertaken on the GCS to allow effective operation of the flare system as well as to mitigate off-site gas migration. These works included draining flow lines, replacing broken or seized valves, repairing manifolds and installing condensate pumps.


The final design involved the installation of a 600 m3/hr Lo-Cal HT flare, the largest of its type in Australia. The flare was successfully installed and commissioned and has been effectively controlling the migration of LFG at the site for over 2 years, combusting LFG with a methane concentration down to 12 %v/v whilst maintaining greater than 1000oC combustion temperatures. It is expected the flare will be able to operate for over 10 years, providing a cost-effective solution for the client.