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Biogas Systems Australia

GCS Installation and Contracting




Biogas Systems are experienced in delivering a wide range of contracting services on landfill sites, including the installation of gas collection systems (GCS) and remediation contracting. Our personnel have been involved in several complex contracting and remediation projects and are well suited to the services required on landfill sites. Our services include the following:

  • Bespoke landfill environmental management sytems
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Extraction well installation, including dual leachate/gas wells
  • Rapidly deployed pin well installation
  • Trenching and pipelaying
  • EF and butt welding
  • Landfill cap rectification works including oxidative layer installation and phytocaps (evapotranspiration)
  • Permeable reactive barrier installation
  • Horizontal gas barriers and venting systems under buildings
  • Cut off wall installation
  • General earthworks.

Biogas Systems uses a range of drill rigs for installation of landfill gas wells from across Australia. In Australia there is limited guidance pertaining to the installation of active LFG collection well systems. However, Biogas Systems works in accordance with international best practice. 


Extraction from LFG wells will also reduce the positive pressure build-up of LFG in the waste mass and therefore reduce the potential for LFG to migrate laterally or through the cap. Ultimately, the wells should be of a sufficient density to produce a uniformly and overlapping radius of influence and low vacuum in the sub-surface to control LFG. With effectively sealed headworks to the underlying cap material, we consider that a zone of influence greater than 40 m for each well is possible without applying excessive levels of vacuum. However, using our experience we determine the site-specific specification to ensure best use of capital, return of investment and redundancy of assets.